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Bought large family size bag of tater tots as we do on regular basis. They were lighter in color than usual, baked normal time + added few extra minutes as they did not brown.

Tasted bland & mushy inside.

We had stomach ache after eating. Bad batch???

Product or Service Mentioned: Ore Ida Tater Tots Frozen Meal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same here ... been buying Taylor toys for as long as I can remember...

last two bags had no taste even the kids wouldn’t eat them. They didn’t Brown up when cooked either


Same here. Absolutely inedible. Coating like gravel, falling apart, bland and undercooked.


We had to throw a whole bag out too, they tasted disgusting. Everyone in he family noticed some odd weird taste.

It was the fwhy? Why?amily bag size too.

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